Erasmus+ Programme



Thanks to our European partners, you can study abroad for 1 or 2 semesters as an IAE exchange student.

The Erasmus + programme is  a unique  opportunity to study in an international environment and your semester (s) will be recognized by your home University.

Click on the interactive map to see which universities are IAE partners and then visit their website to  learn more about their courses.


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FAQ before choosing your destination University :

  • Think about lifestyle / city experience / nature / cost of living?
  • What academic environment?
  • Personal objectives?
  • Linguistic objectives? English speaking country? Scandinavian country but with courses in English……
  • Destination close to France? Somewhere further afield…
  • Go to the IAE mobility meetings or UJM mobility meetings

Contact:  iae-ri @

Financial aid

4 types of financial aid are available : click here

Consultez notre guide des destinations + l’Alliance ARQUS

Security measures

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