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Master Political Engineering

Political Engineering combines the two complementary fields of economics and politics in a joint programme.

You will learn the fundamental tools of collective and individual rational decision-making, institutional design, game theory and the analytical and quantitative aspects of economic policies.

The programme intertwines formal training with in-depth analysis of real-world applications, with a particular focus on the latest developments of economics, artificial intelligence and big data.

You will develop both qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills, and you will learn how to evaluate public and private courses of action in terms of their economic, normative and strategic outcomes.

This programme is intended to equip you with rigorous competences that pave the way for doctoral studies or a professional career in the design of public policies, the development of smart cities, the analysis of electoral policies, or as an economic and strategic analyst in the private sector.


  • Diversity of career opportunities
  • All courses are taught in English, preparing students for the international job market.
  • Training in the most modern and powerful quantitative instruments used by economists.
  • The programme focuses particularly on normative aspects, values and ethical matters in the design of instruments for decision makers.


This master is addressed to students with a view to professional insertion (Bac+5) or doctoral studies. The target audience is those who want to use a technical framework in economics, mathematics, engineering and econometrics to help the decision maker both to solve complex problems and encompass values, ethics and normative aspects in decision making.

hOW TO apply

Log on in March on the eCandidat application and choose the specialization of the Economic Analysis and Policy (APE) master's degree. The choice of route is made at the time of educational registrations after the start of the September school year.




Single session
du 03/08/2021 au 06/13/2021

First session :
du 03/08/2021 au 04/22/2021
Second session :
du 05/04/2021 au 06/25/2021

the selection is based on the study of the file which must be submitted on Ecandidat website

Foreign students have to apply on Études en France web site.



Policy Analyst, Design engineer in economics or politics, Project Analyst, Consultant, Economic Studies Officer, Professions related to artificial intelligence, Data scientist, Conjoncturist, Academic career


  • Admission to the first year of the Master's degree (M1) is open to students with a Bachelor's degree ('licence' in France) or equivalent, with a strong, technical background in economics, mathematics, engineering, econometrics, statistics or other similarly quantitative fields.
  • Applications to the second year of the Master's program (M2) is open to students having validated the first year of a Master's degree or equivalent in economics, mathematics or engineering.

We focus on ensuring that candidates have a sufficient academic background to successfully complete the program.

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